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Corporation "Siberian Health"

Corporation "Siberian Health" was founded in Novosibirsk in 1996 and is currently the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of health care products and cosmeceuticals, confirmed by patents. Raw materials for the production comes from Gorny Altai, Baikal and other protected areas of Siberia: used medicinal herbs and their roots, berries, flowers and seeds. At the moment, the company's products have earned 30 awards for its high-tech efficiency of drugs and the successful development of production. The popularity of "Siberian health" became known in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, India, Bulgaria and Mongolia in 25 countries around the world opened offices of the corporation. Siberian Health:

Employees of the corporation "Siberian Health" say that they set a goal to create a high performance prescription Russian chemists, physicists and pharmacists. According to them, the company's mission is to help the individual to create his own world, full of health, harmony and self-realization, because consumers have the opportunity not only to buy it at a discount, but also to build on this honest business based on sales and construction dealer network. Due to the popularity of the population's company "Siberian health" reviews of doctors suggest the use of these drugs, the use of which in the complex treatment with medication gives a wonderful effect.

The drugs company aims to care for body, face and hair, as well as to improve the well-being of man. Medical cosmetics is a synthesis of the achievements of pharmacology and cosmetology, based on scientific research on the delivery of useful components directly into the cells, which leads to an effect comparable to results of plastic surgery. Products to improve the well-being are divided into such categories

aimed at raising the tone of the body; help solve problems with the SS and the central nervous system; facilitating the flow of digestive diseases and liver; immunomodulators; used for treatment of urological diseases; aimed at preventing allergies, diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system, and diabetes; help solve problems with vision; improving women's and men's health, eliminating intimate problems; prolonging and reducing youth; helps fight parasites; medicines for children; aimed at correcting the weight; Line conditioners broad spectrum

Corporation established its own scientific base and innovation that meets all the requirements of advanced its own production. International Medical standard GMP and ISO

Corporation "Siberian Health" offers products for beauty and wellness, as well as a way for personal growth

1. The International Leader:

Income: $ 35,000 per month.

Gift: house in Europe in the amount of $ 300,000

Trade turnover: 500,000 points + 15 professional branches.

2. Diamond National Leader:

Income: $ 25,000 per month.

Gift: My office in the amount of $ 125,000

Trade turnover: 400 000 points + 12 professional branches.

3. Gold National Leader:

Income: $ 17,000 per month.

Gift: 12 trip for two. Cost $ 75,000

Trade turnover: 300,000 points + 8 Professional branches.

4. National Leader:

Income: $ 12,000 per month.

Gift: Car. Mercedes. Cost $ 35,000

Trade turnover: 200 000 points + 5 professional branches.

5. Lead Leader:

Salary: 10 000 $ per month.

Gift: Projector.

Trade turnover: 100,000 points + 3 professional branches.

6. Leader:

Income: $ 2500 a month.

Gift: Nootbuk.

Trade turnover: 40 000 points + 1 Professional branch.

7. Professional:

Income: $ 1200 a month.

Gift: Computer.

Trade turnover: 20 000 points + Rule 60/40.

8. Prime Consultant:

Income: from $ 700 per month.

Gift: Computer.

Trade turnover: 10000 points + Rule 60/40.

9. Lead Consultant:

Income: from $ 500 per month.

Gift: Communicator.

Trade turnover: 5 000 points + Rule 60/40.

1 point - about 30 rubles.

This is a real program that really works. Thousands of live success stories confirm that this path of success is open to everyone active partners!

I want to start a business!

                                    For registration - Mentor number 5386065

Review the information on my site and decide to cooperate with me in the corporation Siberian Health vym will need to come to the office of the corporation (see address on the photo above) where you will need to register and the registration number to specify your mentor. My registration number 5386065

Official Partner Corporation "Siberian Health" Sergei Kendin

Partnership agreement number 5386065

                       e-mail; Skype: kendin6 Tel: 89137182866

Official Partner Corporation "Siberian Health" Sergei Kendin.
                       Partnership agreement number 5386065
                       e-mail; Skype: kendin6 Tel: 89137182866

Siberian Health - The leader of the Russian market, a recognized expert in the field of healthy lifestyles and reliable partner in the creation of business. "Siberian health" - the Russian transnational corporation - provides partners with a great product and chic business opportunity. The only Russian company that legally operates in 25 countries around the world, including USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, India, Vietnam, soon opened another 8 countries. Its Research and Innovation Center, its production, its sales.

What benefit will be yours?

Strong Siberian health! Natural rejuvenation of natural products! Long preservation of youth and beauty! Additional income. The main income. New car. New flat.

Journey to the sea. Profitable business. Dizzying career.

This is achieved by thousands of our partners around the world!

YURI GICHEV. Siberian Health products: a short overview.

YURI GICHEV. "Renaissance Triple Set Formula 3".   

YURI GICHEV. "Adaptovit". Legendary adaptogenic concentrate.  


YURI GICHEV. "SynchroVitals VII", "Trimegavitals. Lutein and Zexanthin superconcentrate".   

YURI GICHEV. Siberian Health products: a short overview. 

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